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ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on

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ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on 7

ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on

If you are looking for a small action camera, there are no doubt that there are lots of brands out there. You’ll get choices from big players in the industry such as GoPro and Sony, down to smaller brands that you might not have heard of. The ThiEye T3 is one of the example, offering a full-fledged Waterproof Camera with a price tag less than RM400. So, is it worth to get one, or should you pay more for a more mainstream brand? Let’s find out in this quick review.


ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on 8

The packaging of the T3 is pretty much the same as the other action cameras. The packaging is tall, with a transparent cover on top which allows it to show off the unit itself. In the box which holds the camera contains all the bells and whistles to get you started right away, which includes a waterproof housing, quick release buckles, adhesive mounts and stickers, adapters, battery, wiper, cloth bag, miniUSB cable as well as a user manual.


The device itself

ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on 9

Size wise, being an action camera, it’s expected to be small, and it’s not bad considering how much it’s packing. It’s slightly on the thicker side at 22.3mm (33.2mm with the lens), but overall, given how small it is, it does not tamper with anything.

On the front, there’s a 12-megapixel towards the top right sticking out of the housing. There’s also an orange ring that goes around it. There are some tiny holes just between the lens and the ThiEYE logo for the speaker. The power/mode switch button and a couple of LED status lights are towards the left.

ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on 10

On the top there’s a microphone towards the left, and the record button is towards the right. On the right there’s also a couple of selection buttons, which operates the zoom function as well. The ports are towards the left, which includes a mini-USB charging port, a mini HDMI port and a microSD card port. Charging or data transfer on the T3 can be slightly troublesome since it’s a miniUSB charging port, compared to microUSB compared to other devices, but the included miniUSB cable does include a cap that screws on the waterproof housing, allowing the device to be charged while recording even when it’s in the waterproof housing.

ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on 11

The T3 can also be mounted to a regular tripod stand without using the waterproof housing, as it has a regular tripod mount at the bottom. Towards it’s left is where the removable battery is housed.

ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on 12

Round the back is a 2-inch LCD display, which is convenient which not only allows you to see what the camera is pointing at, you can view recorded videos or still photos with it, even though it does come with a smartphone app. There’s also a couple of small LED light at the bottom left.


ThiEYE T3 4K Action Camera Hands-on 13

The T3 comes with a 12-megapixel Sony IMX078 sensor. Its lens allows a wide 170-degree field of view, which is crucial for an action camera. There’s no option to switch to regular field of view, you’ll have to rely on the zoom function for that. This small action camera will record videos in 4K resolution, at a cinematic 24 frames-per-second. It will also record in 2.5K (2560 X 1440), 2K (2304 X 1296) with both at 30 frames-per-second, regular 1080p at 60 or 30 fps and down to 720p. There’s a microphone built-in, but there’s no regular 3.5-mm external mic input jack.

As for photos, it will shoot between 5-megapixels to 12-megapixels, and of course, it’s fixed focus. There’s also electronic image stabilization for photos, and you can play with some of the settings such as EV, image rotation, white balance and timer.

You can use the miniUSB port for charging and data transfer. It also has WiFi built-in where you can connect to a smartphone to download footages from the camera. A 1000mAh removable battery is included in the box.

Sample Images

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Sample Videos

Our Verdict

We can’t escape the fact that “what you pay for is what you’ll get”. Products from GoPro and Sony are pretty expensive, but they do offer a good quality and amount of accessories. But, if you just want a regular action camera that gets its job done for most of the time without necessarily needing the quality, action camera like these are probably the best. It’s battery will only last around a couple of hours of recording, and we find ourselves using external battery bank for most of the time, which luckily, the camera still can be fully operated while charging. It’s definitely not the best out there, but for the price, it’s more than enough for most people.

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