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Play PUBG Like a Pro On Black Shark 2

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Play PUBG Like a Pro On Black Shark 2

PETALING JAYA, 14 June 2019 – Whether it is solo, duo or playing as a squad, outperform your competitors in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) game with the unrivaled Black Shark 2.

In PUBG, it starts with you parachuting onto an island. Upon landing, your mission is to gather everything you can to win, from clothes to medical supplies and a wide range of weapons. If you are in Battle Royale, a multiplayer game genre that is gaining widespread popularity, you will definitely want to be the last man standing. Why not enhance your gaming experience with the recently-launched Black Shark 2, a gaming device that could potentially turn any amateur into a professional.

Powered by the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 for optimised performance, you can be assured of an unrivaled gaming experience as you achieve greater damage per second in the game. With Direct Touch Liquid Cooling System 3.0, Black Shark 2 features the first and only direct touch multilayer liquid cooling system in the world which controls the CPU at a lower temperature of 14 degrees Celsius.


Turn on the Ludicrous Mode to release 100% of CPU power at 2.84GHZ full frames without dropping the frame when playing. With 4000mAh, the battery can withstand intense PUBG gaming sessions of up to five hours, and the battery life lasts 60% longer. Black Shark 2 also allows gamers to play and charge at the same time with an amazing fast charging speed, whereby five minutes charging for 30 minutes playing time is achievable.

The X+2 Antenna allows gamers to enjoy a 360-degree powerful Internet connection, regardless of the phone’s orientation. With just two thumbs, gamers can trigger multiple on-screen actions while the Master Touch feature saves you at least 80ms for shooting during the game. The TrueView Multi-Adaptive Display is optimal for viewing across various lighting conditions and ambient colour tone, including DayLight View (DLV), Night View and Reading Mode for eye comfort, so you can play the game at any time of the day without hurting your eyes.

When playing PUBG, an ordinary gamer needs more than 130.0ms to touch the screen and shoot while a pro gamer only needs less than 110.0ms to realise this movement. With the lowest screen touch latency in the world of 43.5ms, Black Shark 2 players’ reaction rate stands at 173.5ms (130.0ms + 43.5ms) while a pro gamer playing on other phones would have a reaction rate of 170.0ms (110.0ms + 60.0ms), so an ordinary gamer can now play like a pro on the Black Shark 2.

In conjunction with the Shopee Men’s Sale happening from 13 June to 23 June 2019, Black Shark fans will receive exclusive storewide vouchers to be used on Black Shark’s special day which falls on 18 June 2019. Enjoy RM10 rebate voucher when you spend RM1500, and on 20 June 2019, receive an upsized rebate voucher of RM15 with a minimum spend of RM2499.

On 18 June 2019, stay tuned to Shopee Live on the Shopee app for a special live streaming session happening at 8pm., Be entertained by cool hosts as they bring you through and demonstrate the best of the product. Black Shark fans stand to receive special offers and exclusive deals during the 45-min streaming session.

Black Shark 2 Price:

Black Shark 2 (8GB+128GB) RM2499
Black Shark 2 (12GB+256GB) RM2999

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