For many Taiwan’s start-up companies willing to break into Southeast Asia market, Malaysia has become the first choice by virtue of maturing environment of internet infrastructure, geographical edge of center location in ASEAN, and great advantages of both Chinese and English language skills.

Knocking on Malaysia to enter the new market, Accupass held brand launch-“Shape Future Events – Take your events to the next level” on December 12th of 2018. Accupass applies AI and big data technologies into event planning, which enables clients to increase efficiency of event organization. The performance has received recognition from local enterprises.

Freeza Huang, Asia Pacific General Manager of Accupass, has mentioned: “The average of economic growth rate of ASEAN has risen above the world’s average. Huge population and economic momentum contribute to the increase of consumption ability. Both B to B, and B to C types of business exhibition and leisure markets have been developing prosperously. This is why Accupass to break into key fields of Southeast Asian market.”

“Accupass recently has been devoted to applying AI (artificial intelligence) to event planning services, such as FACEPASS, Chatbot (automatic ticket selling), and Accupai (photo optimization service), etc. We look forward to creating an ecosphere for event industry in Chinese region,” Huang said.

Accupass and Huodongxing, the sister brand customized for Mainland China market, have become the biggest event platforms with most events at Asia-Pacific region. In 2018, the enterprise aims to enter overseas market, targeting at Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Using vertical integration from registration to event data analysis, Accupass provides one-stop service for comprehensive requirement in event planning. Accupass’O2O (online to offline) model and event planning consultant boost the development of event industry. As an event accelerator currently, Accupass is expecting to explore the blue-ocean market in the field.