Technology available these days allow us to make everything smart, from large home appliances to small items like the watch on our wrists. There are many big brands such as Fitbit and Garmin, along with a lot of very cheap brands that offers pretty much the same functionality at a lower price. In this article, we’ll look at one that fits in between both – the Olike Weloop Neo Pro Fitness band – a collaboration between Olike Malaysia and Weloop brand. Priced at around RM399, the Neo is a budget fitness band that links to your smartphone.


The Neo comes in a small, dark blue packaging. The image of the smartwatch is on the front, while the features is listed on the back. Sliding the outer packaging away revels a box with the user guide immediately on top. Below that is the watch, neatly tucked in its own compartment. That’s it for the packaging. And no, it doesn’t come with any cables for charging, which is something we’ll talk about later.


Unlike normal watches, this is just a small fitness band that ties to your smartphone, and it doubles up as a watch, hence the design is small, very slim in terms of width and height. Our strap colour matches the outer packaging – dark blue, and the band is made of silicone, which is supposed to withstand sweat. The Neo also comes with different colours, which is why the band is easily interchangeable. We mentioned that the Neo doesn’t come with any external cables to charge it up, that’s because pulling the top strap reveals a standard USB head, which plugs in to any USB port to charge up the watch.

The unit itself is made of plastic, which has a metallic look to it on the sides. The cover that protects the display is also plastic, which we’re afraid that it will pick up scratches easily. There’s also only one button on the right, which activates the tracking with a single click, or restarts the device when you hold it. Being a fitness band, there’s also a heartrate sensor on the back, and it’s constantly measuring your heart rate.

There’s also a colour display up front believe it or not, but it’s small, and sometimes can be pretty hard to work out what it’s trying to display. But it’s there, it displays the necessary information (including small part of the notification that you get from your phone), and it’s pretty easy to navigate it too since it’s a touch screen.

Using the Neo

Since the display is small and it has very limited functionality, most of the time you had to rely on the necessary app that’s available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Pairing it with the phone is very easy, once it’s done, it’ll start working with each other. Not only you’ll see your fitness details on both the band and your phone, it’ll even display your notifications, as well as letting you know that there’s a phone call by vibrating the band since it has a vibration motor built into it. Of course, if the distance between the phone and the band is too far, it will disconnect, but reconnecting is fully automatic once a connection is established, and it’s quick too.

Source: Olike Malaysia

The Neo also has a GPS chip built-into it, along with a compass, as it will display a compass on one of those pages. There’s also a barometric altimeter built in to detect the altitude. As for the app, it tracks your steps, calories burnt, heart-rate, previous work-out records and a lot more. Even though Weloop does not claim the IP rating of the Neo, they claim that you can use it while swimming.

Our Verdict

Of course, there are cheaper bands out there, but the Olike Weloop Neo offers a good blend of features into its price, considering that it’s not only a fitness tracker, it’s still a daily-wearable watch, and will even deliver your notifications, show you the direction that you’re pointing it, as well as being able to tell you the weather of a location.