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HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000

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HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 9

If one has been following the smartphone scene, it is inevitable to come across a smartphone that is making all the headlines: the HONOR View20. With all the hype going around HONOR’s newest flagship, one might be wondering: just how special is this phone?

First of all, the View20 is a phenomenal phone. Its appearance in CES 2019 has won over the hearts of almost all the big names in the media, such as Android Central, T3, and Techradar, to name a few.

Combining it with the fact that the View20 has sold more than 1.5 million units in 2 months, there’s no denying the phone has more than enough cool tricks up its sleeves to warrant this much passion from the public.


How is its viability as a gaming phone, then? We took a deep dive into the HONOR View20 to find out, and to say we came out impressed is an understatement.

Display and feel

HONOR View20 is equipped with a large 1080 x 2310 Full HD+ 6.4 inch IPS display with a small camera punch-hole on the top left-hand corner. The screen to body ratio is an impressive 91.8%, which is one of the highest in the market right now.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 10

The screen is bright, crisp, and comes with a smorgasbord of options and adjustments to match the user’s preferences. It also supports HDR, which is a boon to any gamer wanting a full gaming experience.

Besides that, the phone feels comfortable in hand even with its screen size, thanks to its thin bezels. In short, the display is great for any demanding gamer, and for general media consumption as well.

The (hard)core of it all

First of all, running at the core of the View20 is Huawei’s inhouse SoC, Kirin 980. The 980 is the world’s first mobile processor that is made with a 7nm manufacturing process, which equals much better thermal efficiency, and therefore, better battery endurance and performance. Besides that, this processor is also one of the fastest processors in the market now in Malaysia.

The integrated GPU is the Mali-G76 MP10, clocked at 720Mhz. Compared to the last generation Mali-G72, its graphical processing power is increased by 46%, contributing to a total power efficiency increase of 178%.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 11

Then there are the accompanying features that come with the processor, such as Dual NPU – for much faster AI responsiveness and speed – and Dual ISP for better imaging.

The onboard 6GB LPDDR4X RAM helps a lot too when it comes to overall system responsiveness and gaming quality.

All of these, combined with the deeply customized Magic UI that is running on the latest Android 9.0 Pie, come together to produce a truly remarkable experience.

Software optimisations

The second generation Magic UI has a plethora of tweaks aimed at improving gaming and overall performance of the device. Besides having improved AI algorithms in allocating CPU and GPU resources, HONOR View20 also supports Huawei’s magical GPU Boost 2.0.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 12

GPU Boost 2.0 is a software suite that enhances the gaming experience by breaking the barriers between Magic UI and the SoC, right from the binary codes of the processor. By achieving this, It can reduce touch input latency by 36%, and stabilise high framerates while keeping the heat generation and power consumption in check.

Besides GPU Turbo, HONOR managed to put another icing on the cake for gamers with the View20 – the all-new Gaming+ technology announced at MWC 2019 that concluded not long ago.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 13
Gaming+ upgrades the overall system with GPU efficiency upgrade, GPU load optimization, high definition and AI loading prediction technology. It works seamlessly with the AI frequency modulation scheduling technology to predict task loads by monitoring FPS, image quality and touchscreen inputs in real time, and intelligently identifies performance bottlenecks.

With the Gaming+ update, HONOR View20 now supports the Vulkan version of Fortnite Mobile, bringing gamers a faster and smoother experience. In addition, popular mobile games such as QQ Speed and Arena of Valor have been optimized to support HD as well.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 14
Benchmark and gaming tests

All of the above won’t matter if the View20 performs poorly in real life tests. So we take it for a walk around the benchmark-park, and the results are admirable.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 15

Running the industrial standard Geekbench 4, the HONOR View20 gives a single-core score of 3270, with multi-core score of 9347.

To put it under the light for us consumers, we will be comparing it to the Oneplus 6T which is in the same price bracket, but slightly more expensive. The “flagship-killer” 6T scored an average of 2350 in single-core tests, while handing out a result of 8900 in multi-core runs. Both tests show that HONOR View20 is superior to the Snapdragon 845-enabled Oneplus 6T.

In real-world gaming test, we tried the HONOR View20 with the world’s most played mobile game currently, PUBG Mobile.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 16

In-game settings are set to the maximum values supported, which are HDR Full HD+ and uncapped FPS. Throughout our 3 rounds of thrilling journeys towards chicken dinners, HONOR View20 managed to keep the framerate above 50, even in busy scenes like multi-way shootouts or car crashes, impressive! Looks like GPU Turbo 2.0 and Gaming+ are put to real work here.

What is even more remarkable is how cool the device stayed throughout the 45 minutes gaming session, thanks to the liquid-cooling system integrated into the View20’s internals. Keeping the temperatures in check certainly helps in providing that smooth framerates.

HONOR View20 is a Great Gaming Phone for just under RM2000 17

Battery endurance

One of the most important aspects in mobile gaming is the battery endurance. No gamer like needing to keep the phone plugged in while on the go, we know we certainly don’t!

Here’s the part where all the aforementioned features come into play to make the most out of HONOR View20’s large 4000 mAh battery.

To start, the power-efficient 7nm-process Kirin 980 and Mali-G76 combo sips power compared to other SoCs. Then there are AI optimisations in Magic UI 2.0 that allocate CPU and GPU resources intelligently without wasting battery.

GPU Boost 2.0 and Gaming+ smoothes out the communication between the SoC and the operating system and games, while the liquid-cooling system keeps the components properly cooled to reduce battery wear and consumption.

After our 45-minute gaming sitting with it, the battery only recorded an 11% drop, which in turn made our jaws drop, that is incredible! Keep in mind we are talking about playing a full-fledged 3D shooter that is full of actions and graphical details, on a massive 6.4-inch HDR display, and it still manages to provide such a smooth run without sucking out too much of battery juice.


Without a doubt, the HONOR View20 warrants every respect it earned. With a huge HDR-capable display, blazing-fast performance and eye-opening battery endurance, the View20 can satisfy any demanding mobile gamer’s needs, and more importantly, the View20 is priced at only RM1999!

For more info about this phone, or to treat yourself this wonderful piece of tech, please visit HONOR Malaysia’s Official Online Store at


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