TM Announces Larger unifi Coverage, Offers Free Speed Upgrade Up To 100Mbps

After announcing Turbo speeds for existing unifi customers, Telekom Malaysia (TM) today announced that high-speed unifi broadband coverage is larger than before, and now covers more areas that used to only rely on Streamyx ADSL broadband. TM is also offering free upgrade to unifi with speeds up to 100MBPS.

Existing Streamyx users can now check if their area is covered by unifi, and if they are, TM is offering free upgrade from Streamyx to Unifi, but is highly dependent on available infrastructure of your property type. For landed properties (usually equipped with Fibre cables), you can enjoy free speed upgrade up to 100Mbps, while for high-rise building or older infrastructure equipped with copper cable, unifi can only offer speed upgrades of 30Mbps, with subject to actual port availability. Copper cable-equipped locations do have a disadvantage when it comes to speed limitations.

TM said that their unifi coverage is expanding continuously, so if your area is not currently covered, it might be in the future. If your area is not covered yet, TM also offers free speed upgrade for your current Streamyx service, where they’ll still offer 2x faster speeds without any increase in price, up to 8Mbps. Still, you might want to regularly check the unifi availability in your area, and TM has a dedicated site for existing Streamyx users to check and upgrade.

Currently, TM claims that 50% of existing Streamyx users in unifi-covered areas have already upgraded to unifi, and TM is coming out with free upgrade plans to urge the rest of the users to switch to unifi.

To check whether your Streamyx service is currently eligible for upgrade to unifi, click this link and fill in the necessary details:


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