Prepaid reload will be subjected to the New SST starting September 1

Prepaid reload will be subjected to the New SST starting September 1

After a two-month-long tax holiday, the SST is finally upon us. Although the SST on prepaid reloads is set the same at 6 percent, the implementation of it is quite different this time around. Read on to find out more.

Previously, the GST is absorbed by the various Telcos and rebated back to the user, meaning the user still gets the full amount of reload. Starting on September 1 however, SST will be deducted directly from the reload amount instead of adding to the actual payment when users are reloading.

For example, from the the graph above, if a user reloads RM10 from either by code, through the app or other means, he or she will pay RM10 and gets credited RM9.43 after apply the SST deduction.

It is not all bad news though, as our local telcos are kind enough to make the situation easier to handle by offering various different compensations.

For Hotlink, what you’ll get is the same as illustrated above. However, they are giving free minutes depending on your top up amount. For example:

RM5-9 top up – 2 minutes
RM10-19 top up – 5 minutes
RM20-29 top up – 10 minutes
RM30-59 top up – 15 minutes
RM60-99 top up – 30 minutes
RM100 and above – 60 minutes

Do note that the free calls are only valid for Maxis and Hotlink numbers, and it’s valid only for two days. Each subscriber can only accumulate a maximum of 300 free minutes.

Digi Prepaid

For Digi, the SST deduction for the prepaid reload is also the same but instead of giving free calls, they are giving free data. Below is the breakdown for its free data offer and it’s only valid for one day:

Less than RM10 – 50MB
RM10-29 – 100MB
RM30-49 – 300MB
RM50-99 – 500MB
RM100 and above – 1GB

Xpax (Celcom Prepaid)

Xpax is also giving free voice calls too but in a form of Free Airtime Bonus, that’s equivalent to the 6% SST deduction. The bonus airtime is valid for only 24 hours. When we contacted Xpax’s customer service hotline, we are told that the free call bonus is open to all networks, however, their website states that it can only be used for on-net (within Celcom and Xpax network) usage.

You can check it out yourself in the T&C under XPAX SST Reload Freebies.

U Mobile

U Mobile’s customer service staff had informed us that they have yet to receive any details on SST. We are told to check again tomorrow.

Yes 4G

Yes 4G’s customer service also can’t share any details at the moment.


Tune Talk’s customer service can’t reveal any info either. We’ll update once we obtain more info.

Unifi Mobile

For Unifi Mobile‘s #BEBAS prepaid plan, they are also subjected to 6% SST and you’ll also get less value from your top up as illustrated earlier. Interestingly, TM is giving free data and true to its “Kredit tak mati” proposition, the free data will never expire as long as your account remains active.

If you reload RM30, you’ll get 200MB of data while RM100 gives you 700MB of data. The free data is only valid on their 4G LTE network and is only applicable to Malaysian subscribers. It’s worth pointing out that this will be offered as a promotion from 1 September until 31 December 2018.

You can learn more in their announcement and FAQ under the Unifi Mobile #BEBAS section.

Sounds confusing? It is. Sadly it is up to us, the consumers, to read all the fine prints of all the telcos to be able to make reliable comparison of how much SST have changed the meta of the prepaid game.



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