Light leakage from Galaxy Note 9’s display edges is NON-DEFECT, says Samsung official !

Photo Credit: Android Central Forum

Light leakage from Galaxy Note 9’s display edges is NON-DEFECT, says Samsung official !

Since the introduction of Galaxy Note 9 earlier last month, it has created much attention from the tech world particularly in the smartphone industry.

Being categorized under the flagship lineup, the Note 9 has live up to its expectations as majority users are satisfied with the device. However, despite the majority positive feedback, we noticed that there are several owners who are facing an annoying problem.

From the source, a user revealed that there appears to be a light leakage along the left side of the screen which has become a major distraction to Galaxy Note 9 users. The problem is occurring right where the edge of the display hits the metal frame.

Photo Credit: Android Central Forum

Besides the thread starter, there were other Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 users who had also suffered the same exact problem on their phones. A proper explanation to this could be that there was a flaw during the manufacturing process when they painted the device.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, a Note 9 user also faced similar problem and he headed over to Samsung service center to claim for warranty due to light leakage from the display panel. However to his disappointment, after the service center diagnosed his phone, they concluded that the device is non-defect.

Apparently, the user is not amused by the response from the service center and he immediately sent an email to Samsung official as seen below but again his warranty claim to exchange a brand new device was again being rejected in a pleasant manner by the CEO’s representative of Samsung Electronics Hong Kong.

Due to the his complaints being ignored by Samsung, he was left with no choice but to bring this issue to the public by posting two video footage in Youtube to reveal the light leakage problem occurred on the display of his Galaxy Note 9.

Based on the video below, we noticed that the light leakage happened on the right side of the display instead of the left side which most users are complaining.

Do you think this is a manufacturing defect or it is purely an individual case that happened to some unlucky users only?



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