iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR: what is the media’s take on them?

iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR

iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR

iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR: what is the media’s take on them?

Topic of the day, or the week, is surely the launch of the new iPhone trio, the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and the budget-friendlier version iPhone XR today. All three of them sports some improvements over last year’s iPhone X, which is since discontinued, and also some corners cut for the XR. Prices have been bumped up, which comes as no surprise for Apple. So what do the media think about this generation of iPhones? We collected some of the most formidable media influencers opinions and listed it here for a clearer picture.

Fortune Magazine: Apple replicate’s yesteryear’s successful marketing strategy for a pricer iPhone

As per usual, the new iPhones sport better display, faster chip and longer battery endurance, but with a higher price tag.

The stagnant sales of the 2017 iPhones did not stop the tech giant to score more profit – 14 percent more to be exact – because of the higher price. This year they intend to do the same with the smartphone trio.

Forbes: Did Apple lost its creativity in its naming?

Apple is a brand name, it is that simple. It had represented innovation and pioneer in marketing and creativity before, but now they are just a bunch of fans craving for the ecosystem. They cannot repair their own negative cycle, they are too far off to turn back. iPhone with the small i represents the connection between the user and the device, but X is just X, the vexatious X.

Appearance wise, these phones are lacking as well as they all look the same as last year’s phone. iPhone Xs Max did not stand out at all. Truth to be told, Apple has been behind in innovation for quite some time now.

New York Times: Bigger, Faster, Pricier, why does this sounds so familiar?

Making products that are bigger and pricier does not mean Apple only attempting to spur growth by price only. They are also striving to earn more customers to their camp. According to studies, smartphones with bigger screens attract more usage because it is better for consuming media like playing videos and games.

Wall Street Journal: Apple needs to make more profit in the face of multiple challenges

In view of the shrinking smartphone market, it is crucial to maintain sales of new devices, usage cycle gets longer and longer, and premium smartphones sales have been stale.

Under these circumstances, Apple needs to make more profit from its existing user base by making their prices higher. According to studies, bigger screens smartphones provide much better attraction to users. Strategic Analytics’ Neil Mawtson said: It is a sign of maturity that Apple is finally making an effort to stay relevant.”



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