Honor aims to be the top 3 brand in smartphones by 2022

honor wants to be

honor aims to

Honor aims to be the top 3 brand in smartphones by 2022

Honor is one of the, if not the fastest growing sub-brand in the whole world. Its parent company Huawei is already one of the top 3 in sales in the smartphone race, and apparently, honor is also aiming for the 3 holy grail spots.

At an event over the weekend in Beijing, George Zhao – the president of the Honor – made some bold claims in regards to the company. Zhao says that an Honor 5G phone will be the world’s first and that the launch of the device will help propel Honor to be one of the world’s biggest smartphone brands.

According to Zhao, Honor will be a top-five smartphone brand by 2020 and be a top-three brand by 2022.

Since Huawei is already a top-three brand, one can only speculate that Huawei expects to stay on as a top-three brand in 2022 as well, which means the company expects to have two brands in the top three simultaneously.

That really take some guts to say for any company, because the other two companies that are sitting comfortably right now together with Huawei are Samsung and Apple, both are formidable corporations to take on.

We are also quite intrigued about honor’s aim to release the “world’s first 5G smartphone”, as we are already edging VERY close to the release of the Huawei Mate 20, which will sport the Kirin 980 SoC which is also 5G-capable. Is George hinting that they have something up their sleeves that will be announced before the Mate 20?




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