11street opens preorders for iPhone Xs – ETA 23 September

11street opens preorders

iphone xs

11street opens preorders for iPhone Xs – ETA 23 September

With the announcement of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in New York just a couple of days ago, local e-commerce platform 11street has partnered up with their seller to offer Malaysians the chance to be one of the first in the world to own this premium flagship device by Apple.

In a recent letter sent out by 11street, we are made aware of 11street opening preorders for the iPhone duo. From what we gathered from the preorder page, the preorder is handled by the famous parallel importer T-Mobile which is active in the scene for quite a while bringing in AP smartphones into Malaysia. The listing stated it is “Original International Apple Set”, which we think means genuine AP iPhone sets from the first wave of release countries.

Customers interested in getting the iPhone Xs will need to be prepared to part with at least RM4,999 for the lowest priced 64GB ROM version. An additional RM800 and RM1,700 will be charged should buyers want to upgrade to the 256GB and 512GB versions respectively. There are several colour options available but all of them very of very low stock or out of stock already. Optional add-ons include bubble-wrapping for an additional RM10 and Shipping Premium Рan insurance against missing shipment Рfor RM50.

The iPhone Xs Max on the other hand will set buyers back RM5,499, with 256GB costing RM6,299 and 512GB version costing 7,299. Stocks are also very low on all colour and storage options.

According to the email, the preorder is available on a first come, first serve basis, beginning 14 September 2018 whereas delivery will start on 23 September onwards. Zero percent (0%) installment up to 12 months is also available.

If you want to be one of the first in Malaysia to own the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, this is your best shot so far and stock is running very low at the moment.  Act fast!

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