Maxis launches new fibre broadband plans: as low as RM89 for 30Mbps

Maxis launches new fibre broadband plans: as low as RM89 for 30Mbps

In light of the government’s commitment of bringing the broadband prices down and doubling the existing speeds, or more importantly, to keep up to their rival TM’s recent Turbo speed upgrade, Maxis has finally revealed their new broadband plans with up to 65% lower prices.

The telco is offering two new consumer broadband plans: 30Mbps speed for a lowly RM89 per month, and 100Mbps for RM129. In comparison, Maxis’ most affordable broadband plan right now costs RM119 for only 10Mbps speed – that’s quite a huge bump in Mbps per ringgit. No surprises there though, as the TM Turbo speed upgrade are giving their customers a whooping 10 times more speeds when it is deployed.

Business users, on the other hand, can sign up for the 30Mbps plan for only RM99. As for the 100Mbps plan, it goes for RM139 – just slightly more over the consumer plans.

Existing users of Maxis can still sign up for either one of these two plans. Just fill up the form on their website and a Maxis representative will call you and make the necessary arrangements.

As with most home broadband plans, they all come with a 24-month contract, which, upon voiding, will incur a penalty of RM500.

All fibre broadband plans come with unlimited internet quota and Maxis is providing a dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz) router for better connectivity. To ensure that your connection is set up right from the start, their Maxperts team will provide end to end installation and assurance support. While TM is offering speeds of up to 800Mbps, Maxis says they will only offer higher speeds when the infrastructure is ready.

The plan will go into motion starting on 13th September, for more information, head on to Maxis FiberNation website.




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