Imported Xiaomi devices are now RESTRICTED from flashing to global ROM

Imported Xiaomi devices are now RESTRICTED from flashing to global ROM

One of the main reasons why people prefer to go for Xiaomi smartphones are due to its freedom to to flash different ROM. However, the game has since been changed since a few days ago as Xiaomi has made an announcement on their official forum stating that Xiaomi devices that are manufactured for the Chinese market will not be able to run MIUI Global ROM.

Additionally, this also applies to phones that’s manufactured for the global market where you can no longer side load or flash the China ROM as well. This is indeed a major letdown for users considering Xiaomi has been emphasizing on heavy customization.

Over the years, users have encountered issues where some vendors sideload an Unofficial ROM with spywares to all Xiaomi phones that had been imported from China. This definitely distract consumers as there were complaints where people would see some crying cartoon pop up on their screen from time to time.

Based on the thread on MIUI Forums, every single device that has been released in 2018 is affected in this process. For those who still insist to flash your device, there’s a high chance that you will BRICK your phone.

Hence, if you prefer a hassle free option, it’s always better for you to get a local unit instead from Mi Store Official Online on Lazada and Shopee.




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