Huawei caught tampering with benchmark results, “to stay relevant”

huawei caught

huawei caught

Huawei caught tampering with benchmark results, “to stay relevant”

It is of no surprise that smartphone companies tend to implement some grey practice to stay ahead of their marketing game. And one that most major brands have been caught doing is tampering with the benchmarking software’s result. Different techniques are used, but the end result is the same: getting higher scores in benchmarks than the phone should be capable of in real life.

In a conversation at IFA 2018 in Berlin with Anandtech, Huawei official confirmed that the manufacturer is using benchmark detection software to deliver the best possible results, only because it wants to stay relevant to its competitors.

Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Software at Huawei’s Consumer Business Group and two reporters from the fellow tech media discussed the need of standardized benchmarks since Huawei gave the argument that tests today move away from real-life usage and do not represent the full experience.

While both sides have partners in the benchmark community and work closely with industry insiders, Wang said that “others do the same testing, get high scores, and Huawei cannot stay silent”.

This comes right after honor, Huawei’s sub-brand, was caught pumping more wattage into the processor of the honor Play in benchmark softwares than when gaming normally would to achieve higher scores.

Since vendors in China rely on “unrealistic numbers” to promote their phones, Huawei tries to keep up with posting its own similarly half-baked results.

Huawei promised to the tech reporters that in the future benchmark data will be verified by third parties. The next big unveiling of the Shenzhen-based manufacturer is the Mate 20 announcement on October 16. We will also see a new, most powerful processor under Huawei, the HiSilicon Kirin 980 on board the Mate 20. It will certainly be interesting to see how much can Huawei achieve with this 7nm-process processor in benchmarks.



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