Apple A12 iPhone XS Antutu score hits a whopping 360k !

Apple A12 iPhone XS Antutu score hits a whopping 360k !

AnTuTu has shared a new screenshot which reveals the Apple A12 powered iPhone XS handset has recorded a magnificent score of over 363k.

Antutu revealed the hidden specification reflects the hardware performance of Apple iPhone XS. The device is hitting a mind blowing score of 363k which is 70k above most of the Android flagship phones powered by snapdragon 845.

During the launch, Apple did not present the RAM capacities of its new smartphone. This is the first time Apple included 4GB RAM in their smartphone. The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max features 4 GB of RAM while iPhone Xr packed with 3 GB of RAM.

Breaking down the Antutu score, iPhone Xs respectively scored 33561, 150931, 66474 and 12559 which brings the total benchmarking score to 363,525. Apple’s A12 offers nearly 33.3 percent increased performance, doubled GPU score, 50 percent improvement in UX score and around 20 percent improvement in memory score.




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