13 year-old teenager in China dies after jumping off building imitating PUBG



13-year-old teenager dies after jumping off building imitating PUBG

Few would have missed the giant storm generated by the battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or called PUBG more commonly nowadays, in the gaming scene in recent years. The game sweeps across the whole world, selling more than 30 million copies as of 2018 and are constantly on the number one spot of the most players playing concurrently.

However, with great influences, come great ridicule. In Nan Tong city, China, a secondary school student jumps off from the 4th floor of his uncle’s apartment and died. Mother of the teenager stated that her son was playing PUBG before this happened and puts the blame on the game for causing this. “I will sue the company, and continue sueing them until they are bankrupt and give back all the money they have earned with the lives of many.” said the mother.

Local police also claim that it is possible that addiction to video games may lead to irrational actions and caused the incident.

The teenager, Xu, was just back from vacation in South Africa with his parents who are doing business there. His uncle then brought Xu and his sister to dinner before returning to their apartment for the night.

The tragedy was discovered by Xu’s uncle after he received a call from the apartment management asking him if he has any missing child because they have found a body of a youngster below the building.

Xu’s mother Yu insisted that her son would not have committed suicide because they raised him in a worry-free way and never put too much pressure on him. The fact that he was addicted to the game PUBG that suggests jumping off buildings would not kill a person leads her to believe her child’s death was solely due to the game’s influence. Local police seconded the possibility.



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