Unifi Mobile Unlimited plan is limited to 5GB non-LTE data and 2000 minutes of call

Unifi Mobile Unlimited plan is limited to 5GB non-LTE data and 2000 minutes of call

Previously, the Unifi Mobile service had been introduced by Telekom Malaysia as the ultimate postpaid package that offers unlimited data, calls and SMS along with 10GB of LTE data hotspot.

Recently, there is a netizen who pointed out that for Unifi Mobile users that utilizes non-LTE phones could found their lines to be blocked once their data usage goes more than 5GB. It is learned that the same suspension would also be slapped on users that utilizes more than 2000 minutes of voice calls.

Based on the PDF document titled “Specific Terms: Postpaid Mobile Plan for Consumer” on unifi’s official website which contained the terms shown above, TM stated that this restriction is due to the fact that the plan is optimized for phones with LTE capability and beyond.

Sources revealed that TM have to compensate its local roaming partner Celcom as customers would be connected to the latter’s network when they are outside of unifi Mobile’s LTE coverage. It is understood that the data cap for non-LTE phones might be a cost saving implementation by TM.

It is still unclear whether such restriction also affects users that utilize LTE phones outside of unifi Mobile’s LTE areas or otherwise. But if a user’s account got suspended due to the LTE coverage constraints, it is a rather big disappointment to them.


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