TM Turbo Speed Upgrade of up to 10x to start tomorrow

TM Turbo Speed Upgrade of up to 10x to start tomorrow

As announced together with the RM79 for 30mbps unif package by TM in the last couple of months, TM home broadband, namely unifi and streamyx customers, will start to receive the promised FREE speed upgrade of their home internet starting tomorrow, 15th August.

According to the slide from the announcement event, customers of TM can expect speed upgrade of up to 10 times their current internet speed for free. 5, 10, and 20 Mbps subscribers will get their download speed upgraded to 100 Mbps, while 30 Mbps subscribers will be upgraded to 300 Mbps, and 50 to 500 Mbps, and lastly, 100 Mbps subscribers will enjoy a blazing fast 800 Mbps speed after the upgrade.

Upload speed on the other hand is expected to stay the same, however.

This speed upgrade program is eligible to all old and new subscribers that are subscribed to any TM’s home broadband package before 31 December 2018.

Take note though, as the speed upgrade practice will commence in phases, some users, more likely than not, will have their speed upgrade much later than 15th of August. The maximum speed attainable is also subject to the infrastructure availability of your area.



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