Honor 10 to receive GPU Turbo and AIS support via software update

Honor 10 to receive GPU Turbo and AIS support via software update

Honor 10, the 2018 honor’s flagship device was first introduced in Malaysia back in May. This year, Huawei/honor had focused on offering new technology to enhance the overall performance of the device such as GPU Turbo and Automatic Image Stabilizer (AIS).

According to honor, the honor 10 will receive firmware update that comes with the above mentioned features that will further improve your experience in gaming and photoshooting.

For the GPU Turbo enhancement, Huawei said that GPU Turbo increases device performance by 60 percent, while it also reduces power consumption by 30 percent. Basically this feature not only expected to help with general performance especially graphics-intensive tasks, but it will also increase the battery life of your device once it is activated.

Meanwhile, the Automatic Image Stabilizer (AIS) is added to boost the phone’s camera performance as it can minimize blurring and stabilize both photo and video taken with the Honor 10. The AIS will detect if the device is handheld within 0.2 seconds, and it has a 98-percent accuracy. This feature will set the exposure and framing using AI scene recognition, which should result in noticeably better images and video.

In terms of specs, the honor 10 offers a 5.84inch display with 19:9 ratio, Kirin 970 chipset with AI features. For storage, it has 4GB of RAM and 128 GB internal storage powering the smartphone with a battery capacity of 3400mAh. For charging, it comes with Super Charge support via USB-C port. As for camera, it sports a 24MP selfie camera plus 16 and 24-megapixel rear-facing cameras. It is priced at RM1,599 in Malaysia.

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