Galaxy Note 9 leak: Camera AI features, Bluetooth S Pen, S pen to be sold separately?

Marketing materials leak sheds light on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 features

Samsung’s track records of leaking info before the launch events of their upcoming flagships have been proven every year to be underpar. This year’s Galaxy Note 9 is no different. Following the blunder of posting the intro video way earlier than intended, today’s leak come from an even more reliable and clear material: the marketing material.

Bluetooth-enabled S pen star of the show


Among all the leaked info, the most notable one is definitely the vastly-improved S pen, now featuring built in Bluetooth module to enable more convenient uses such as acting as camera shutter, controlling media playbacks, or perhaps even movement gestures.

DeX is also getting an improvement here, now that they are forced to follow their competitor’s (Huawei desktop mode anyone?) feat: accessing DeX without a dock.

The camera on the other hand, are made “smarter” by introducing more ways to detect the perfect time to auto-snap, such as when users are blinking, or when objects go in and out of focus. The camera module responsible for the shots, though, appears to be the same exact setup as the Galayx S9+, which consists of one variable=aperture 12-megapixel (f/1.5 – f/2.4) camera and another 12-megapixel (f/2.4) one.

S Pen will be sold separately

Lastly, according to a leak from the reddit, the consumers who pre-order the flagship will get wireless noise-canceling headphones from AKG worth $299 or the Fortnite Package that’s worth $150. Customers can choose to have both if they shell out extra $100.

Samsung is apparently going to sell the S Pen separately as well. Not to worry though, the S Pen WILL come together with the phone, but Samsung is offering consumers to get additional ones with for its different color variations or as a backup.

We are only less than a couple of days to the official launch of Galaxy Note 9, more info will sure follow. Stay tuned for more updates.




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