Android Pie powered by AI to be as easy as a pie for user

Android Pie powered by AI to be as easy as a pie for user

The latest Android 9 Pie is finally here. Starting today, an over-the-air update to Android 9 will begin rolling out to Pixel phones while devices that participated in the Beta program from Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential, as well as all qualifying Android One devices, will receive this update by the end of this fall.

There’s a few important point to keep you updated with the latest Android 9 Pie. The Android P comes with Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness which learns the apps you use most and prioritizes battery for them and how you like to set the brightness in different settings, and does it for you.

With AI technology, Android 9 aims to make your phone even smarter with App Actions. It predicts what you’ll want to do next based on your context and displays that action right on your phone.After all, pie will be in Slices. It shows relevant information from your favorite apps when you need it. If you start typing “Lyft” into Google Search, you’ll see a “slice” of the Lyft app, showing prices for your ride home and the ETA for a driver so you can take action more quickly and easily.

In Android 9, Google introduced a new system navigation. Phones nowadays are growing taller and come with virtual button. It can be done with a single, clean home button, you can swipe up to see a newly designed Overview, the spot where at a glance you have full-screen previews of your recently used apps.

By swiping up, you can see full-screen previews of recently used apps and simply tap to jump back into one of them. It also comes with Smart Text Selection which recognizes the meaning of the text you’re selecting and suggests relevant actions.

Android 9 aims to find a balance between technology and life. Introducing a new Dashboard that helps you understand how you’re spending time on your device; an App Timer that lets you set time limits on apps and grays out the icon on your home screen when the time is up; the new Do Not Disturb, which silences all the visual interruptions that pop up on your screen; and Wind Down, which switches on Night Light and Do Not Disturb and fades the screen to grayscale before bedtime.



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