Gero Lifespan AI activity tracking apps predicts your lifespan

Gero Lifespan AI activity tracking apps predicts your lifespan

Russian scientists have customized an AI-based algorithm that utilized the activity tracking from smartphones and smartwatches to estimate your lifespan with far greater precision than past models. Experts from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology are behind the app.

This is a free app dubbed Gero Lifespan, an iPhone app that uses data from Apple Health, Fitbit and Rescuetime (a PC productivity measurement app) to predict your longevity. This tracking is already done without interfering with the daily routines of hundreds of millions of people all over the world.


In a written statement, Dr Peter Fedichev said: ‘Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool in pattern recognition and has demonstrated outstanding performance in visual object identification, speech recognition and other fields.

Doctors would ideally use both mobile apps and clinical analysis to give you a proper estimate, and the scientists are quick to acknowledge that what you see here isn’t completely ready for medical applications.

AI is one of the effective approaches could be useful for more accurate health risk models that help everything from insurance companies to the development of anti-aging treatments.



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