Maxis Zerolution iPhone X is back with big changes

Maxis Zerolution iPhone X is back with big changes

Maxis has stopped the iPhone on its Zerolution program months back. iPhone X now appears to be available with Maxis Zerolution with big changes.

The previous Zerolution plan comes with no upfront payment required. It comes with monthly installments without attached to your credit card. The new iPhone X Zerolution plan has one of the biggest changes. Maxis now require you to own a credit card during registration. From our understanding, the monthly payments will come as Easy Payment Plan (EPP) that credit from your card.

The iPhone X 64GB is officially priced at RM5,149. With Maxis One Plan 128, it will now cost you at RM3,672 of RM153 a month for 24 months. While iPhone X 256GB can be yours at RM164 a month on Maxis One Plan 188 that accumulated to RM3,912 for 24months.

There is a missing point. It now lacks an annual upgrade option. It is basically a 24-month installment plan. You will need to sign up for a new device contract only after your existing contract is fulfilled.

Find out more by checking up the the Maxis iPhone X page.

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