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Light Phone 2 is a minimalist e-ink phone

Light Phone 2 is a minimalist e-ink phone

Light Phone 2 is recently on a crowdfunding project that is currently raising a ton of money on Indiegogo. The Light Phone is an e-ink mobile phone which is mainly for phone calls. The founders tried to make something that pulled people away from their phones and back to real life. They produced 10,000 Light Phones and now are crowdfunding its successor, the Light Phone 2.

The Light Phone 2 can make calls, send text messages, and set alarms, but other features may make it into the final product. Maybe navigation app would be helpful, or maybe a weather service app. The phone is not designed to replace your smartphone. It is instead to offer you a choice between being fully connected and being partially connected. If you’re going out, and you don’t need all the features of your smartphone interrupting your outing, leave your primary phone at home and grab your Light Phone instead.

There are some things that will absolutely not be on the phone, like all social media apps, advertising, email, and news feeds. The founders aim to to enrich people’s lives. Light Phone 2 has yet to enter manufacturing, you can back the crowdfunding campaign now for expected delivery in 2019.


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