Tablets Are Back and More Affordable Than Ever: MediaPad M3 Lite

Tablets Are Back and More Affordable Than Ever: MediaPad M3 Lite

As early as one months ago, Huawei introduced its newest mid-range tablet locally, the MediaPad M3 Lite. Like the previous generation, MediaPad M3 Lite still uses the classic Harman Kardon sound-effect speakers, to bring the user a superb hearing experience.

Not only that, Huawei isn’t stingy this time with the configuration. Not only does it have great hardware, in all aspects of the full material, performance is tip top!

So, let’s find out how brilliant the MediaPad M3 Lite is!

First of all, the Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite comes with the size of an 8-inch device, weighing only 310g, thinness at a staggering 7.5 mm. The feeling of holding the tablet in your hand is not a drag.

Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite uses a 16:10 aspect ratio on an 8-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200. The overall design is simple, elegant, and has an advanced finishing and complete horizontal display panel. Under these advanced processing, the whole screen is illuminated and instantly gives an amazing feeling.

In addition, the use of the IPS LCD panel has a very good brightness level and color accuracy, there will be no mid-range tablet feeling by looking at this tablet. Huawei also provided a feature called Clarivu to enhance vision protection to filter out harmful blue light. This makes reading easier, and long-term usage to the tablet will not let your eyes feel tired.

As for the main Harman Karmon dual stereo speakers have coupled with dual smart PA chip. As compared to the mid-range tablet market nowadays, Huawei might be the only manufacturer who truly give all their best to consumer.

Moreover, the two stereo speakers also have Super Wide Sound (SWS 3.0) that boasts widening sound stage and smart left-right channel switch. With the High-definition audio tuned by Harman Kardon, it allows user to have a better experience in watching video and playing game.

Obviously, Huawei’s biggest rival in this size is the iPad mini from Apple. However, besides the beautiful IPS screen and Harman Kardon sound effects, the key winning factor is the user interface experience provided by the MediaPad M3 Lite.

The MediaPad M3 Lite provides a split-screen mode that allows you to run two applications simultaneously. But this feature isn’t even included on the iPad Mini. Split-screen mode may effectively improve the efficiency of working and ease the process of sharing info between 2 apps.

In addition, the MediaPad M3 Lite tablet also has pre-installed some efficient application like Microsoft Office Mobile Suite which allow user to process some word files on the tablet or prepare presentation.

If this tablet in a gift for your child, worry not. Because the MediaPad M3 Lite Features Kids’ Corner where parents can control usage and what apps can be played with.

MediaPad M3 Lite also set up with 4,800mAh battery to guarantee a promising battery life. Other configurations, such as WiFi ac and LTE Cat.4 networks, allow you to surf the web and make calls on-the-go, hassle-free.

In order for you to record every beautiful moment, Huawei also offers an 8MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera with autofocus. Finally, to facilitate the ease of use, Huawei also made some fine-tuning on the fingerprint scanner. Now, fingerprint scanner has multiple gestures to perform different action.


The Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite is sold at the local price of RM999. With the price less than a thousand, the tablet can be said to be standing in the high place in the ranks. Not only provides a Full HD IPS screen and Harman Kardon advanced dual stereo speakers, but also on the software are properly cared for. 4800 mAh of battery, the power is provided on the life of a certain amount of assurance.

Finally, Huawei offers two premium colors, including gold and space grey. For those who are interested in wanting to know more about this product, please head to Huawei official website to inquire.


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