Maybank QRPay Is Now Here

Maybank QRPay Is Now Here

Last week we wrote about Maybank is joining the big name like Alibaba and Wechat to introduce its own E-Wallet System. Today Maybank have updated their mobile app Maybank2U and introduce the Maybank QRPay features.

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Maybank today has rolled out a new update for Maybank2U app. The key updates of the app includes the brand new E-wallet feature, The Maybank QRPay. The new E-wallet feature comes earlier that we have expected.

What’s New

The new Maybank QRPay feature on your Maybank app is now piloting at an exclusive location. You’ll be able to experience this new feature near you soon.
What is Maybank QRPay?
A cashless payment method that will allow you to securely make payments from your preferred account, instantly.
Stay tuned for the official Maybank QRPay launch coming to you soon.

If you are Maybank2U app user, login to your newly updated app, you will found the tab QR Pay located at the bottom middle of the row.

As for the first time, it will redirect you to the introduction page for the feature followed by assigning an account that you want to use this feature with. You are to set the ceiling of payment limit from the range of RM250 to RM1000 that will require you to enter your biometrics or password in order to proceed.

Please take note that Maybank QRPay is currently on trial at an undisclosed location. However, the log also stated that the official launch will take place soon.

With Maybank now offering the QRPay features, we believe E-wallet eco system will soon become one of the key method of payment transaction in near future.


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