Maybank to introduce Maybank QR Pay in near future

Maybank to introduce Maybank QR Pay in near future

E-wallet will be a trend in future cashless transaction. We have heard about Alipay, Wechatpay, GrabPay, SamsungPay & finally comes Maybank Pay.

Maybank recently has just added facial and voice recognition feature into Maybank2U app. Maybank QR Pay is QR-based payment solutions. Maybank is taking the initiative to work up on its own solution according to the initial information that we’ve received from industry sources.

The Maybank QR Pay will be integrated directly into Maybank2U app. Users will be able to utilize the funds in their Maybank account to make payment. It reduce the hassle of users to top-up credit into a dedicated E-Wallet payment account.

Will this finally become the first big step for Malaysia to learn forward to the era of E-Wallet? Maybank is among the bank that have the largest users utilizing the mobile app Maybank2U.

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As the name suggest, Maybank QR pay will generate the QR code. Merchant will have to subscribe E-payment QR scanner. As user, what we need is a Maybank account and of course Maybank App that install into our smartphone. Basically it will work like how Wechat QR Code payment which launched not long ago.

Refer to, Maybank QR pay will roll out to public this coming January 2018.



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