Camera Face-Off: Huawei P10 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Camera Face-Off: Huawei P10 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung had debuted their latest S series flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus back in New York few months back. The authoritative camera review website, DxOMark had rated it with a 88 high score and claimed it is “High Photo Potential” which is a very high compliment for a smartphone camera performance.

They also claimed that S8 plus performs well under low light condition with satisfied focus speed and exposure are in place. Spec-wise, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus gives a 12-megapixel f/1.7 Dual Pixel lens on rear and 8-megapixel on front with the support of auto-focus.

On the other hand, Huawei P10 Plus also scored an impressive 87 mark by DxOMark. DxOMark commented that it is a Top Performer in smartphone camera sector. Besides, Huawei P10 Plus also won the 2017 TIPA Imaging Technology Award on last April.

Huawei P10 Plus is equipped with dual-lens rear camera (20MP +12MP), and a Leica lens (8MP) for it’s front camera. Huawei P10 Plus biggest selling point is it’s imaging capabilities, therefore it’s award is well-deserved indeed.

In comparison of camera specification, both devices provide top quality hardware. So, we decided to make a photo comparison to find out which camera did better in real-world comparison.

*All photos are captured under auto-mode

*Huawei P10 Plus on Top; Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus on below

First Group

In this group, we can see that both photos are well presented under sufficient light source. P10 Plus has a cooler photo while S8 Plus photo looks warmer.

Second Group

We can see that both photos look great in details and eye-catching. But the photo taken by P10 Plus looks more saturated in color and brighter image.

Third Group

In this comparison, we can see that Huawei did a really great job as the exposure of sky is well in place, the details of the water fountain and flowers are well preserve. In the other hand, S8 Plus has a blur image and over-expose on the sky.

Fourth Group

In this group, we can hardly differentiate any big difference. But for first impression, the photo taken by Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is clearly more eye-catching.

Fifth Group

Now, we move to indoor shot. Basically, both smartphone captured stunning picture as they can perform really well under sufficient light source as we have mentioned above.

Sixth Group

As we said earlier, both smartphones are great. The only difference we noticed is that Huawei P10 Plus’s photo is slightly under exposed while Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus’s image has good exposure.

Seventh Group

Now we try to look at some low light shot. As we all know, shooting in low light condition is always a big challenge for smartphone. To determine the capability of a smartphone’s camera, a deep night shot comparison is a must. In this comparison, we can hardly differentiate which photos are taken by which phone. Both images have stunning details and the light source is well processed. The white banner at the top of the first photo is viewable whereas the bottom one is a bit too dark to see.

Eighth Group 

Once again, both smartphones gave us a satisfied result as in detail and clarity of the photos. The only difference is that the lantern and the red signboard on the left captured by the S8 Plus are slightly over-exposed.

Ninth Group 

Again, we hardly can find any difference between these 2 smartphones in this comparison, so it’s a tie.

Tenth Group

Finally, we had a night shot that show a really big gap between Huawei P10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. We can clearly see that Huawei P10 Plus is under-exposed and lack of details. While Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus gave a brighter shot and the detail of human face is still visible after we zoom in.


In conclusion, both smartphones performed really well no matter in term of details, night shot, exposure, white balance and so on. But, we still conclude Huawei P10 Plus has slight more advantage over S8 Plus. The details, sharpness, white-balance are well shaped. Along with the co-engineering with Leica, the images are way more attractive than most smartphones in the market right now. Especially on the light control, P10 Plus did a really stunning work as the light is concentrated and looks sharper.

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