Recommended must-have car gadgets that enhance your in-car experience

Recommended must-have car gadgets that enhance your in-car experience

Owning a smartphone is way easier than owning a car. For most of us, car and smartphone have become a part of our lifestyle.

Today we are going to discuss some car gadgets that will help improve your overall driving experience.

Smartphone Mount

There are multiple types of Smartphone Mount in the market, from the range of air vent mount, windscreen suction mount, zero gravity mount and many more. Smartphone mount is essential when we need to switch on our navigation app.

Bluetooth car kit

Bluetooth car kit will allow to turn your car surround speaker into multi usage speaker rather just for the radio and playback only. You will be able to connect your smartphone through Bluetooth for different purposes like playing music from your mobile device, answering call via the car mic and speaker, of course your navigation voice guidance too.

USB car charger

The USB charger is to make sure your gadget always in spare juice. A dead smartphone is the last thing you want while travel across the city. With the new charging technology for smartphone available, do make sure to get the right car charger for your smartphone fast charging.

Blind spot mirrors

The blind sport mirrors works as it name. The feature is basically just a light built into the sideview mirror that flashes when someone is in your blind spot. It wont cost you much, and it will really widen your mirror view for safer driving angel.

Dash cam

Dash cam, or known as car video recorder maybe a luxury addition onto your car. The dash cam record your travel scene allow you to playback when you need it. You will have First-Hand evidence of car accident recorded. It will certainly help you to prevent fraud. At the end of your journey, the dash cam recording will summarize your driving and give the feedback you need.

Tell us what other essential gadgets you will bring along when you travel with your car. We will certainly hope to hear from you and expand the list above.


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