P10 Lite: When Style Meets Performance


P10 Lite: When Style Meets Performance

Earlier this year, Huawei had released its latest P10 series mobile phone in the local market that offers exquisite appearance, strong performance, excellent capability, which successfully gain overwhelming support from consumers!

The P10 Lite is the most affordable model from the lineup which is available at just RM1299, but for sure it is not a mediocre device ! Let’s take a closer look at what this “lite version flagship” will be offering.

Alluring reflective glass design of P10 Lite, making different interesting patterns when lighting condition change

Designed for today’s trend-setters and go-getters, the HUAWEI P10 lite featuring the most beautiful design that amazes almost everyone with its rippling wave reflection design like no other.

Additionally, the HUAWEI P10 lite’s rear glass is put through 17 layers of optical processing technology, its varying light reflections will diffuse beautiful yet interesting patterns when lighting conditions change.

It is designed by Huawei Aesthetic Research Centre in Paris with the inspiration of  the beautifully rippling waves of the Seine River.  It has been patented by Huawei to be used exclusively only for its products range.

It is made out of a 2.5D double-sided curved glass, diamond-cut metal frame in 7.2mm, 5.2 inch and 146g making Huawei P10 lite a pleasure to hold and behold which is now available in Sapphire blue, Midnight black and Platinum gold for the Malaysian market.

Huawei is getting creative even for its lite series, unlike Samsung for its Galaxy A5 (2017) in 7.9mm with 157g and Oppo A57 in 7.7mm with 147g as the duo have dull yet not outstanding design when compared to the elegant looking P10 lite.

8MP  front camera with portrait mode, SELFIE SUPERSTAR with 10-level of Beauty mode

P10 lite features a flagship level Portrait Mode which supports the 8MP front camera to detect human face and create a fantastic bokeh effect in the background. In this way, an aesthetic and stylish selfie can be taken by a simple tap.

12MP Rear Camera with 1.25 µm , Great for Night Shot

HUAWEI P10 Lite boasts a 12MP camera with a 1/2.8 inch sensor. Its 1.25 µm single pixel size is 25 percent larger than that of a regular 1.12 µm 13MP camera and also has 20 percent more light. This enables it to produce brighter photos in low light conditions, which is a big improvement for clarity, details and noise.

In search of finding way to minimize blurriness, HUAWEI P10 lite adopts the integration of an intelligent stabilization system and a 1-out-of-4 frames algorithm for image optimization. When saving a photo, the system automatically selects and saves the clearest of four frames.

More and more filming mode options and functions become available to users as smartphone photography becomes more advanced; however, users typically only use a handful of these functions and there isn’t usually an option to delete the ones they don’t use. HUAWEI P10 lite introduces a plug-in function that allows users to determine whether or not they want to download add-ons. This enables a clearer camera experience by focusing on key features like “General Camera”.

Most significantly, P10 Lite is equipped with premium photography features that offers Light Painting series such as Car Light Trails, Light Graffiti, Silky Water, Star Track which these features usually only available in those flagship smartphones. With such great features appended onboard, it will make your photography more fun-filled and interesting.

In-Cell FHD Display and Easy on the Eyes

HUAWEI P10 lite includes a night reading mode and an eye comfort mode 2.0. The night reading mode allows the screen brightness to be lowered to just 3 nits. This is a very useful feature especially for those who enjoy late-night web browsing sessions.

When using eye comfort mode, 50 percent of 450nm blue-ray can be effectively filtered to reduce radiation and relieve eyestrain, and this feature can reduce that brain-activating blue light that your screen emits.

For people who frequently watch videos, HUAWEI P10 lite combines industry-leading imaging technology from Apical (acquired by ARM). These new algorithms help display effects at the pixel-level, which results in brighter details.

In bright conditions, like under sunlight, an adaptive per-image pixel processing algorithm is used to improve the display and image brightness, without distorting the image or video.

In addition, P10 Lite come with In-Cell FHD Display with 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution (~424ppi) which is capable to offer smooth and better visual enjoyment than Oppo A57 with 720 x 1280 resolution (~282ppi) at the same range.


Fast Charge, 3000mAh Long Battery to Power Your Day, 10 Minutes Charge for 2 Hours Video

To keep up with today’s always-on users, the HUAWEI P10 lite includes an outstanding battery life with Smart Power-Saving 5.0 technology. With its 18W fast charge technology of 9V 2A, the device’s 3000 mAh battery can be charged in 30 percent less time than that of a 5V 2A. Based on tests from regular users conducted by Huawei, an approximately 43 percent battery can be reached in 30 minutes. Charging 10 minutes can bring a 2 hour video watching experience.


Expertise in software and hardware development, App Switching in Lighting Speed

There are only three companies in the world producing both smartphone processors and products: Apple, Samsung and Huawei. The advantage of a self-developed CPU is that it can optimize from the inside out, including the functions of the camera and power consumption to improve its overall performance.

Huawei P10 lite is powered by the new HUAWEI Kirin 658 processor, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM (expandable to 256GB ROM). This new 16nm chipset – a powerful Octa-core CPU with a clock rate of up to 2.1GHz – helps reduce power consumption, boost performance and create an overall better user experience.

For your information, Huawei is one of the first companies to have their device ran with Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology software,  few steps ahead of other high-end smartphones like Apple and Samsung not to mention Oppo and Vivo the middle- end smartphones.

This also means that P10 Lite is the only middle range smartphone in the market to run on EMUI 5.1; Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology. While, the combination of the Kirin 658 and EMUI 5.1 allow app switching to be done in lightning speed when compared to others.

As Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) is equipped with Exynos 7880, 1.9GHz, Octa Core processor while Oppo A57 is with Qualcomm MSM8940 Snapdragon 435, Octa Core processor to pair with 3GB RAM which the CPU speed is way slower than the Kirin 658, Octa Core at 2.1GHz  that also pairs with 4GB RAM on the P10 Lite.

Almost all Android smartphone users recognize that their phone loses speed over the course of its life. With continued use comes many changes, from new applications, photos and music to video downloads and longer contact lists. Over time, the storage space gets more and more fragile. And with game development among other “junk,” smartphones are running slow and becoming lagged.

All applications are scrambling for CPU, storage, I/O and other phone resources under fair deployment, which bumps applications in use to the bottom of the resource priority list. As a result, there are a lot of applications running at the same time, making system resources scarce. When systems run for a long time, things like contact and photo data grow which slows down database search and fails to fulfill application needs.

In addition, due to the reason that users are constantly adding and deleting small cache files, storage space starts to become fragmented and reading space diminishes.

These changes are inevitable for all users, but Android-based companies are trying to solve these problems. However, it is difficult to completely eliminate these issues. Huawei has partnered with Google to conduct an in-depth analysis of the Android system as it relates to speed loss.

Huawei’s new EMUI 5.1 system solves these problems with three solutions:

  1. The Kirin chipset, plus more than 30 Huawei patented technologies, includes its unique expertise in software and hardware development.
  2. Machine learning to make smartphones smarter. Huawei can learn about users’ behavior patterns to accurately predict and protect usage. The accuracy rate of user application predication is 86.7 percent, while application cold start rate is 40 percent lower and average launch time is 20 percent higher. 3.
  3. EMUI 5.1 can instantly sense resource needs, working with the Kirin chipset to deploy real-time CPU, GPU, I/O and other resources with different priority levels.

After a consecutive 18-month “heavy usage” mock test, the smartphone’s comprehensive performance improved by 80 percent compared with other traditional Android phones under the same test.

P10 Lite is the only middle range VoLTE smartphone in the market that supports up to 4 telcos

Just like the P10 series, P10 Lite also supports VoLTE HD voice calling technology.  It is the only middle range smartphone that is be able to support up to four operators – webe, YES 4G, Digi, Celcom (coming soon) for the HD voice services. Unlike Samsung A5 (2017) that only supports Digi’s HD voice service and Oppo A57 is completely dropped from the VoLTE support.

1st Knuckle Screenshots in Huawei Lite’s series

For the first time, Huawei’s proprietary Knuckle Sense Technology is featured in its lite series. Knuckle Sense Technology enables users to create easy shortcuts, like tapping or drawing on the screen to capture screenshots. Shortcut options include:

  • Tapping the screen with a single knuckle along with drawing an S
  • Tapping the screen with a single knuckle along with drawing any shape
  • Double-tapping the screen with a single knuckle

The “long screenshot” function is the most convenient feature among them. When sharing a long article from social networks or web pages, users are required to take several screenshots in order to share the full content. However, with the long screenshot feature, users only need to tap with the knuckle and draw “S” on the screen to capture the content in its entirety, which saves time and is easier.

Additionally, a double-tapping the screen with two knuckles can initiate the screen recording function so users can share movies or funny clips more directly.

0.3 Second, Fast Fingerprint unlocking sensor

P10 Lite has square –shaped fingerprint sensor installed at the rear panel, which allowing users to unlock their phone as fast as 0.3 second.

Support USB OTG

P10 Lite supports USB OTG so to backup important data can now be done within a pendrive, how convenience!

Able to support two Facebook  and Whatsapps Accounts simultaneously, Work Life Balance 

P10 Lite supports App Twin, which means it allows users to be able to install two Facebook and Whatsapp accounts in their phone. Make it convenient, for personal and business usage.

Huawei’s overall market share of 15 percent

The latest data shows that Huawei in Malaysia’s overall market share has reached 15 percent, increases 4 times higher if compared to last year at 3.7%.  In fact, Huawei has achieved better performance in overseas market if compared to China market especially in Western European countries, including Italy and Spain, by achieving more than 20% of local market share.

Failure rate is much lower than the industry’s six percent

Huawei brand has always been receiving a good feedback among the customers in terms of its user experience as the brand’s failure rate is only recorded at 3% which it is much lower than the industry’s benchmark at 6%.


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