Entertainment at your fingertips

Entertainment at your fingertips

Living in the modern day, we simply can not ignore how important smartphones are to us on our daily life. A smartphone is not considered as just another device.

Today, a smartphone can be perceived as an extension of one’s self. Due to this reason, Honor 6x has surfaced the market with the capability of fulfilling all the necessary features and performance that can handle digital natives’ lifestyles, which include the need for entertainment.

Entry-level experience on Professional Photography

Sitting firmly in the middle-priced category, Honor 6x is one step ahead of its rivals with the inclusion of dual-camera setup that is capable to capture beautiful bokeh effect shots.

Having a Honor 6x in hand means you get to enjoy DSLR-like photography experience such as long exposure shot, wide aperture mode etc which other midrange phones simply can not offer.

Plus, Honor 6X also featuring Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) technology that enables the camera to focus automatically once the camera is turned on. You can save plenty of time trying to focus on the object as this feature can instantly lock the focus to give you the perfect shot you want.

Optimal Viewing Experience

Along with the dual camera setup, the Honor 6X is a one-stop entertainment center. The device comes with a compact design and a 5.5-inch full HD (1920X1080p) sunlight display. As a result, users can get excellent clarity and viewing experience in direct sunlight.

The Honor 6X’s display is well-suited to be used under the sun. This enable users to use their Honor 6X at anytime and anywhere. Credit to its whopping 450nit brightness capacity, users will no longer have to stop reading that exciting e-book when stepping out outside just because the visibility of the display under sun has been affected.

The Honor 6X ensures that entertainment and convenience is consistent. Needless to say, the ergonomic 2.5D curved glass screen gives the 6X the subtle illusion of being a bezel-less phone and makes it even more appealing. This gives its display an impression of being fuller and richer.

Plus, colors appear on the screen are vibrant and text is crisp and clear. We are confident to say the Honor 6X has one of the most impressive displays we have ever seen.

Additionally, the Honor 6X also provides options in the View Mode feature which allow users to control the size of the entire user interface such as the images and text characters instead of just changing the size of on screen text that is commonly seen on other phones.

For instance, you will be able to fit in more content into a single screen with the ‘Small’ option than you would with the Large’ option. This useful feature perfectly reduces the unnecessary actions to look at the screen closer due to difficulties in reading.


Safe For The Eyes

We can all agree that digital natives have their eyes peeled to the screen for majority of the day. This may cause problems to the eyes in the future. Thankfully, the Honor 6X provides an eye comfort mode that filters our blue light and can help to relieve screen-related visual fatigue.

Once we enabled the Eye Comfort Mode, it produces a yellowish tint on the screen that helps you view your phone’s display without harming or straining your eyes in low-light conditions.

This feature give users the green light to continue on playing their favorite games, watching their favorite TV shows, or read that exciting new e-book stress free !

At Your Service in 0.3 Seconds

The Honor 6X offers an impressive touch technology with a fast response time at just 0.3 seconds. The fingerprint scanner of the Honor 6X is easily accessible on the rear panel of the phone. This gives users the convenience in using their phones single-handedly.

In a mere 0.3 seconds, users can unlock their devices in the blink of an eye. In other words, we now have an instant path to reach our preferred entertainment activities.

Let’s say you’re in a rush for time but need to finish off that one level. The fingerprint scanner will enable you to quickly access your phone and complete your task without hassle.

The location of the fingerprint scanner also enable users to continue on with their tasks without putting down the other hand. Users can easily access their phones with just one hand. This means you can multi task easily – watching that TV show on your phone in one hand while completing another task in the other.

Long-lasting Stamina

We often left stranded with our smartphone whenever our handet is running out of battery especially when we are in the middle of a game or movie or when the device lags due to heavy power consumption.

The Honor 6X comes with a high-capacity of 3,340mAh battery that can last 2.15 days of normal use and 1.5 days of heavy use. With over two days of normal use, the Honor 6X will keep you moving without having to worry about charging too often.

For gamers, you can sit back and relax because the Honor 6X can last you over 8 hours of battery life when you are playing games on the device. This is ideal for heavy users who use their smartphones for everything.

The Honor 6X also comes with the 16-nanometer technology and Kirin 655 processor, which allows for more efficient energy consumption. The Kirin 655 also includes i5 coprocessor that can perform specific functions without the main processor. As a result, this allows for completion of functions with low power consumption.

With the superb combination of long-lasting battery and powerful processor, the Honor 6X is the perfect smartphone to meet all your entertainment needs.

To find out more about the Honor 6X, kindly visit Honor Malaysia’s official website at Vmall.my or Honor Malaysia’s Facebook page for its full specifications and details. 


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