6 reasons why your next smartphone should be Honor 6X instead of its rivals!

6 reasons why your next smartphone should be Honor 6X instead of its rivals!

This year, the midrange market has emerged as the most competitive segment among smartphone categories with the arrival of three highly rated devices, namely Honor 6X, OPPO F1s, and Vivo V5.

These three models are retailed in similar price range, where each of the above mentioned devices offer exclusive advantages over the others.

Today, we are going in depth with the comparison between these three handsets and determine which one will stand out as the best among all. This comparison will cover the design, display, hardware, camera and battery.


Based on the body measurements for Honor 6X, OPPO F1s, and Vivo V5, they are having similar width and depth. But honor 6X has the shortest height among the three models hence it is the most compact one despite having the same screen size.

Other than that, it is worth noting that Honor 6X also sports a curvy design on its back. In comparison to OPPO F1s and Vivo V5 that comes with flat rear panel, the curvy back on the Honor 6X offers a comfortable grip which is good to hold yet unlikely to drop off from your hand while holding it.


We are aware that the three devices are offering same 5.5 inch for their screen size. But in terms of display quality, Honor 6X is better than its two counterparts because users can watch 1080p Youtube video on it, whereas the video quality for OPPO F1s and Vivo V5 only can support up to 720p resolution.


We have done with the comparison of the exterior part, now let us proceed to the hardware specs. Honor 6X offers an octa core processor with four of the higher CPU speed clocked at 2.1 GHz, this is way more superior than the SoC used on both OPPO F1s and Vivo V5 devices.

Kirin 655 SoC offers better overall performance compared to Mediatek MT6750 used on OPPO F1s and Vivo V5 because the i5 coprocessor inside the Kirin 655 chipset coordinates the eight cores and supplements the functions of the CPU which uses less power to perform various actions.

As far as the operating system and user interface is concerned, Honor 6X and Vivo V5 are adopting Android 6.0 Marshmallow, while the OPPO F1s is felling behind with a rather outdated Android 5.1 Lollipop OS adopted. Honor 6X is commendable here because it promises Android 7.1 Nougat update in the near future.

For the memory options, Honor 6X offers two choices: 3GB RAM+32GB ROM and 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, whereas the OPPO F1s comes with 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM and the Vivo V5 provides 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. These three devices support storage expansion with microSD card.

Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor placement are slightly different for the Honor 6X when compared to the OPPO F1s and Vivo V5. The Honor 6X fingerprint module is located on the rear panel, while the latter two have it on the front.

The unlock time for these three devices are pretty close with Vivo V5 having the fastest unlock time of 0.2 second, followed by OPPO F1s (0.22 second) and Honor 6X ( 0.3 second).

It is worth noting that apart from unlocking the device, Honor 6X also comes with additional features such as 3rd generation with 3D recognition as well as act as a shutter button to capture selfie photos.


Here comes the most interesting part of this comparison: The camera. Obviously, Honor 6X has the upper hand against the other two with its dual camera setup. The dual camera allow the Honor 6X to capture photograph with lovely bokeh effect.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let our camera tests tell you which device has the best shooter attached on it.

We started off with an indoor shot. The environment is not well-lit, and the distance of the shot is normal range and it is taken in Auto mode.

From the image shown above, we can see that the photo taken by Honor 6X has good exposure and the color are just nice. The one taken by OPPO F1s is slightly darker, while the Vivo V5’s picture is rather overexposed.

The Honor 6X secure our vote for the best indoor shot here.

Next, we move over to outdoor shot. This time we capture a long distance shot in Auto mode. Let’s see which device shoot better in outdoors.

Based on the results shown above, both Honor 6X  and OPPO F1s photos have decent exposure, whereas the Vivo V5 ended up with an overexposed shot.

Next, let us continue with our outdoor camera test. But this time, we will do a macro shot in Auto mode. From the above image, we can see that the color reproduction and exposure for the Honor 6X picture are just nice with good contrast on the focus of the flower. Vivo V5’s picture again was overexposed, while the OPPO F1s’s one is not sharp enough.

For this indoor shot, the skin color of the model is natural on the Honor 6X. The selfie on the OPPO F1s is slightly overexposed, whereas the skin color for the Vivo V5’s shot is too bright.

Now we try out on 50% Beauty mode. For the Honor 6X’s photo, the skin color looks natural. OPPO F1s’s shot is a bit pinkish, while the Vivo V5’s one skin tone looks exaggeratedly smooth.

We now move on to another low light indoor shot in Auto mode. This round, Vivo V5 and OPPO F1s’s photo appears to be darker with more noise compared to the Honor 6X’s one which also looks brighter than the other two. Vivo V5’s picture looks yellowish too.

Now we retake the same low light indoor shot in Auto mode. But this time we took it with Flash light. From what see here, the photo from Honor 6X appears to be more balanced yet not overly exposed even when the flash light is turned on. The Vivo V5’s shot was more or less similar to the Honor 6X with just a little bit brighter. For the OPPO F1s’s image, it loses some color and details of the object due to overexposure.

For this outdoor shot, the environment is very dark and we shoot it with Flash light. With the help from Flashlight, the photo of the Honor 6X seems brighter and the sky is viewable with more details shown. The photo taken by OPPO F1s is too dark and noisy even with the Flashlight turned on. We can hardly see the sky from the picture. The lighting of the Vivo V5 photo is also not pleasant looking too because it is not bright enough and the sky is not clear.

Besides normal shots, Honor 6X also offer Wide aperture mode with its dual camera lens where it can shoot bokeh effect shot that give us a DSLR-like experience.

On the left side is the normal shot taken by Auto mode, whereas on the right is the Wide Aperture mode. The added depth of field effect makes the picture look more appealing with more focus laid on the object.


Now we talk a little about the battery life for these three devices. Honor 6X offers the largest battery size among these three phones with 3,340 mAh capacity. OPPO F1s came in second with 3,075 mAh size battery, while Vivo V5 ranked last with 3,000 mAh in capacity.

Obviously, Honor 6X can easily outlast OPPO F1s and Vivo V5 with its larger cell capacity onboard. The big battery certainly save us the effort to bring along a powerbank when we go out which could be quite inconvenient sometimes.



We have come to the end of our comparison. Although these three devices are priced in the same segment, but the results varies for every tests given on top.

Basically, they all offer great capabilities with each having their own advantages over the others. In our opinion, we believed Honor 6X is much worth to be purchased due to the fact that it provides better camera performance along with higher resolution display. Apart from that, it also promised to offer new software update which renders it to be more future proof.

If you are preparing to buy a new smartphone in this price range, do take a look at this comparison article to help you choose the ideal phone that suit your preferences.

To find out more about the Honor 6X, kindly visit Honor Malaysia’s official website at Vmall.my or Honor Malaysia’s Facebook page for its full specifications and details. 


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