Five ways the Honor 6X can ignite the photographer in you

Five ways the Honor 6X can ignite the photographer in you

When we talked about camera phones, we usually link to those premium flagship devices that offer a handful of camera features.

Although smartphones still have a long way to go before they can match up to current DSLR cameras, but we can not ignore the fact that smartphone’s camera has drastically improved over the years.

This year, the trend of smartphone camera has turn over a new leaf with the introduction of dual camera setup that further enhance the mobile photography experience.

Major smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and its subsidiary brand — Honor has released a couple of handsets with dual camera lens module and one of them is the budget-friendly model called Honor 6X.

The Honor 6X is a pioneer in the budget segment by offering a dual-lens camera setup. If you are a smartphone user who prefer using your device to take photos or are trying to enhance your skills in mobile photography, the Honor 6X is the perfect device for you due to its numerous camera functions.

The Honor 6X offers a 12MP RGB sensor and another 2MP sensor that brings in a wide-aperture mode and various other camera functions.

The dual-lens camera of the Honor 6X allow users to simulate the effects of an SLR camera that can focus on objects and blur backgrounds which creates lovely bokeh effect shots.

Hereby, we shall share with you FIVE WAYS on how the Honor 6X can turn you into the real photographer that you have always wanted to be.

Wide Aperture Mode

Transform from an amateur photographer to an advanced one with the Honor 6X’s wide aperture mode.

Open the device’s camera and select wide aperture. Take a picture focusing on the subject in the foreground while blurring the background by setting an aperture value (F/0.95-F/16).

To get the best results, take pictures of objects within 2-meter distance. When pictures are taken under wide aperture mode, users can refocus these pictures at any time.

All users have to do is go back to the photo and activate the post-capture refocus feature by pressing the shutter icon at the bottom of the photo frame.

Here is a photo sample between the auto mode vs the wide aperture mode.

Auto mode (left), Wide aperture mode (right)

Night shot

If you thought midrange smartphone always fail to take a proper photograph in dark conditions, the honor 6X may change your mind towards this as it comes with a “night shot” function that enable photographers to take clear photos during night time.

All you have to do is open the camera, swipe the screen to the left to reveal the various modes available. Choose the “night shot” mode and voila!

This photo sample of the Night Shot taken by the Honor 6X will surprise you!

Splash function

The Honor 6X comes with a “Splash” function that allow your smartphone to add some colour to your life.  This function works by selecting the splash icon – from there, the picture will automatically be converted into monochrome. Users can then select areas of the photo where they want to restore color to.

This is a great function for users to highlight certain parts of a picture. Below is a demo on how the splash function works:

Long exposure shots

Apart from the normal photoshooting, the Honor 6X also offers long exposure function where users can take advantage of it to create artistic and creative shots.

The Honor 6X comes with different modes such as Tail Lights, Light Graffiti, Silky Water, and Star Track.

Through these settings, users can capture trails of light made by cars, capture trails of light in a dark environment, capture flow of water, and capture the trails of stars.

Below are a set of photo samples that demonstrate the actual capability of the Honor 6X with the long exposure feature:

Star Track
Star Track
Silky Water
Silky Water


Instant Focus

To capture special moment, we need a camera that can focus immediately. Honor 6X is equipped with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) technology that enable the camera to focus automatically once the camera is turned on.

Through PDAF, users can save time, increase focus rate, and capture exactly what they see.

This is perfect for travel photographers or photographers that are always on the go. This feature by the Honor 6X allow users to capture all their adventures.

The Honor 6X basically resembles what a digital camera can do, but it can save you the hassle to bring along another device when you go for photoshooting session which can be rather cumbersome and inconvenient. With such good camera attached on the Honor 6X, it can easily ignite the photographer in you!

To find out more about the Honor 6X, kindly visit Honor Malaysia’s official website at or Honor Malaysia’s Facebook page for its full specifications and details. 


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