How do you choose the perfect travel partner?

How do you choose the perfect travel partner?

Everyone loves travelling. Travelling gives us time to think, ideate, observe and learn new things – culture, food, history. There are a lot of preparations that goes into travelling, especially to a foreign country. One of the things that can make travelling hassle-free is by choosing the perfect device that can meet all your needs.

If you are currently preparing for your next trip, you ought to consider bringing a device that can handle all your everyday needs, even in a foreign place.

For those who are still unable to make up your mind, it is worth for you to take a look at the latest Honor smartphone introduced in our market namely Honor 6X. This handset comes at a very attractive price while offering tons of features coupled with an all-powerful performance that will empower you to become an adventurer and a true traveller.


Not to mention the Honor 6X is also perfect for users that wish to document every moment of their trip. The device comes with a dual camera set up of 12MP + 2MP.

With this camera setup, users can simulate the effects of an SLR camera by focusing on objects and add background blurry to create high-quality photos.

Furthermore, user that only have minimal shooting experience but hopes to get the job done, the Honor 6X can help you on this with its phase detection autofocus (PDAF) technology that allow user to take photographs in a swift manner without hassle.


Whenever we are travelling abroad for holidays, we should leave our stress behind and enjoy our time away without distractions. Having the Honor 6X in hand will make sure you will never get bored throughout your journey.

With its phablet sized 5.5 inch screen presented with a gorgeous 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution display, you can finally spend some quality time to catch up your favorite TV shows, the latest movies, or relaxing with your favorite movie.

However, while you are enjoying your favorite TV shows during your holidays, it is within your expectations that your device need to cope with your intensive usage in order to keep you entertained all day long.


Having the Honor 6X with you means you will keep yourself accompanied for over a day. The device’s 3,340mAh capacity battery brings in a long-lasting life that can deliver 2.15 days of usage and 1.5 days of heavy usage.

As such, users can easily enjoy 11.5 hours of video, 70 hours of music on-the-go, or gaming for up to 8 hours!

If we were given a choice, I believed most smartphone users would opt for the idea not to carry bulky powerbanks around. We always encourage people to travel light!

With the Honor 6X’s long endurance battery, it is so strong that users can once for all leave those bulky size power banks and messy coil of wires behind.

The Honor 6X featuring the Kirin 655 octa-core SoC comes with a 16-nanometer manufacturing process. As a result, the Honor 6X can handle intensive use, which is especially useful when users rely on their devices more than ever when overseas.

This device will enable you to have the best trip of your life. However, for those missing friends and family back home, the Honor 6X will allow you to video chat with ease and smoothness.



Another important point that we should take note when we are travelling abroad is that we must make sure we won’t be getting lost in foreign country.

Fortunately, that’s one thing less you need to worry about when you have the Honor 6X in your hand as it offers fast and accurate GPS along with great sustainability that ensure you to have a pleasant journey while at the same time enjoy snapping beautiful scenes along your trip.

The all-rounder Honor 6X is definitely a device that truly worth to be considered if you plan to go travelling with the abovementioned features and benefits provided. Moreover, it can be yours now at an irresistible retail price of just RM1,199. 

All in all, we genuinely concluded that the Honor 6X is the perfect travel partner for you.

To find out more about the Honor 6X, kindly visit Honor Malaysia’s official website at or Honor Malaysia’s Facebook page for its full specifications and details. 


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