Five Recommendations to Save Time and Money via Technology!



Five Recommendations to Save Time and Money via Technology!

Time is a valuable asset for all of us and with technology, you can now make sure you save time and money. Especially useful for those who are managing their own business or company. With your smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you can now use them to do different things in one go without any worries.

Here are some recommendations to save money through the use of technology.

Movies on-the- go

There are a lot of apps today to serve your video-on- demand needs, especially when you are craving to watch your favourite TV show. One of the most affordable subscription based video-on- demand platform is iFlix. With an active internet connection, you can watch your favourite movie and television series while on-the- go, wherever you are!

Transportation made easier

Are you tired of hailing cabs to get you to work on time, or to any destination in fact? Then start downloading apps like Uber or Grab on your smartphone. As a user of these apps, you will never have to wait for long before you find yourself a cab. Create an account, enter your pick-up location and your drop-off destination and a car will be on their way to you. Convenient, isn’t it?

Free Messaging

For smartphone users, there are a lot of apps that offers free messaging services—Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and much more. It is one of the best money saving uses of technology. Gone are the days of buying prepaid cards to keep in touch with your loved ones overseas. Through these apps, you will always be connected and at a fraction of the cost!

CLF Lights

Using compact fluorescent lights or CFLs, allows you to save 25-33% of energy. Also, you can save money from having to constantly buy new light bulbs since it lasts about 10 times as those of incandescent lights. Better get CFL light bulbs now to save money!

File-sharing Technology

Free file-sharing technology like Google Drive and Dropbox also helps you save money. Dropbox users can have free 2 GB storage for sharing and syncing files. Google Drive offers more storage capacity with 15 GB to use across Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Both technologies can help you access your files using your smartphones or laptops, whichever is available and can be used anytime and anywhere.

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