Honor 8 Will Save You From A Fashion Disaster


dsc00687-rsHonor 8 Will Save You From A Fashion Disaster

We are often spoiled with choices when it comes to choosing new smartphone. Many smartphones in the market today have impressive qualities but disappointing designs. Some are too bulky, some feel too awkward in our hands, and some just need a total makeover.

The honor 8 is different. Why? This new device is a gorgeous, trendy and fashionable-looking phone with a unique glass back due to the 15-layer craftsmanship called Aurora glass that is made by lithography and 3D grating coatings. Despite being invisible to human eyes, it creates stunning visual experience whenever the prism lines refract and disperse the light in an eye-catching manner.


Perfectly embodying the tagline “Beauty in your own way”, this trendy and fashionable device is uniquely designed for millennial to enhance their ambitious and fast-paced lifestyles.

This flagship-of-the-year smartphone by Honor Malaysia will satisfy all fashion-conscious buyers that are looking for a device to complement their style and personality.


Honor 8 is the standout choice when we talked about the design of a smartphone. There are several ways in which fashionistas can use the honor 8 as a fashion statement and to avoid a fashion disaster.

The honor 8 comes in four beautiful, in-trend colors: Sapphire BlueMidnight Black, Pearl White and Sunrise Gold. These colors are so versatile that you don’t have to worry about clashing with your outfit-of-the-day.

Owner of a Midnight Black variant? You can pair your black device with a chic outfit that will definitely make a fashion entrance. What about the Sapphire Blue? There are numerous color combinations that you can pair up with. You can even wear neutrals and get a splash of color from your Sunrise Gold smartphone.



Let’s say you have a fancy event to attend and you have the perfect outfit but can’t seem to find the perfect accessory. Well, there is a reason why the honor 8 was crafted with a stunning design. The device is made with aluminium alloy and an ultra-narrow bezel design with diamond-cut, smooth, and elegant round edges. So instead of diamonds around your neck, show off the sparkling and elegant design that comes with the honor 8.


It became a common issue for us when we try to fit our smartphones into our pockets, which ended up looking bulky. It will be a different story if you’re using the honor 8 because its body dimensions measures at just 145.5mm long and 71.0mm wide, you don’t have to worry about wearing those skinny jeans now as the honor 8 can easily fit into your pockets.

Did we mentioned that the honor 8 can also be your life savior? By using the honor 8, you can also say goodbye to handbags that make your shoulders ache, as the honor 8 is thin and light enough to fit into a cute clutch bag. As well as being a fashion savior – the honor 8 can also save you from going to the doctor’s!


Everyone has bad days and sometimes that means you won’t have time to put together an elaborate outfit of the day. This is where the honor 8 comes to the rescue and save you from a fashion crisis.

Every single detail of the honor 8 is crafted to perfection with deliberate visual positioning of each individual component for maximum styling.

If you wish to improve your fashion sense, honor 8 is the fastest and easiest way to get you there!


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