Leak : LG G3 Internal Body Build – removable 3000mAh battery, expandable microSD supported

By the time awaiting for the launching event of LG flagship, the specification of this LG G3 is having a high attention of people all around the world. At this time, there is a leak published by a technology blog as shown in the picture attached above.
As shown in the picture above, we could see that the LG G3 is most probably coming with a 3000mAh removable battery, supporting expandable microSD, a dual camera flash (seems to be a pair of warm and cool LEDs for better low light shooting quality) and lastly an unknown device at the left of the camera. The unknown device is probably a sensor which is the laser guided autofocus that could bring out clear and sharp imaging with this fast focusing feature as mentioned in the previous post – LG G3 Teaser.

As we known, LG G2, the predecessor of this upcoming G3 has a built-in battery which is non-removable and a non-expandable memory. This sounds good to have good changes on this LG G3.

This LG G3 is probable to be a strong and powerful device with its better camera (good in low light and fast focus), awesome 2K display with high screen-to-body ratio, and finally its metal-build battery case.

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Source : Techblog.gr


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