DiGi – Xiaomi Mi 3 available for free with DG SmartPlan 148

Today DiGi just announced its available postpaid plan for Xiaomi Mi 3. DiGi is offering this hot-selling Xiaomi Mi3 for free with 24 months contract on its DG Smart Plan 148! 

To make the things clearer, during the sign up, you have to only paid total of RM 948 for advanced payment of one month plan subscription – RM 148 and another advanced payment of device  -RM 800. However the advanced payment of device of RM 800 would be rebated back to your monthly bills.

Alternatively, there are some other cheaper postpaid subscription plan available for you. The bundled pricing for Mi 3 of the plans are stated below:
DG SmartPlan 78 (RM78/month) 24 months – RM499
DG SmartPlan 108 (RM108/month) 24 months – RM259
DG SmartPlan 148 (RM148/month) 24 months – RM0
For further more information, please do consult with DiGi  and check their official website.


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